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New York's Founding Freedom Tour

Welcome to NY’s Founding Freedom Tour, where history comes alive as you walk through the streets that played a crucial role in America's fight for independence.

Here are some highlights:

• Wall Street: Stand at the spot of the first inauguration, explore the site of the 1st United States Congress, and see where the Bill of Rights was drafted.
• Trinity Church: Visit the final resting place of Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers.
• New York City Hall: Learn about the first New York reading of the Declaration of Independence and the mob protest that followed.
• Fraunces Tavern: Drink at this famous tavern where George Washington himself delivered a moving farewell to his troops.
• 9/11 Memorial: Concluding the tour, reflect on the resilience and spirit of
New York City. The memorial stands as a testament to strength and unity.

And there’s more! Walk in the footsteps of history and experience the birthplace of American freedom.

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